Why We Don’t Use Flash In Our Websites

I’m sure you’ve seen quite a lot of Flash websites over the years. Some may look pretty¬†spectacular, but beneath the appeasing cover, a whole lot of problems emerge.

First off, Flash cannot be viewed on many mobile phones, essentially making these websites worthless to a very large group of Internet users. Furthermore, even in this day and age with fast Internet and fast computers, a lot of people are going to have trouble viewing a Flash website. Maybe they don’t have an updated version of Flash Player on their computer or maybe their computer just isn’t powerful enough. Which brings us to one of the biggest issues – Flash causes browser crashes, freezes, and just about every other problem you have began to forget about as technology as advanced.

Because that’s right – Flash is old technology. We focus on making our website design services as modern as possible, which means doing away with Flash. Flash is holding down the Internet – in fact, you’ll find strong believers in doing away with it completely, such as the Occupy Flash movement.

But the real kicker? None of the search engines can read Flash. If you had a 1,000 word webpage that was made entirely of Flash, Google wouldn’t be able to read any of the text. As a result, if your website is made primarily using Flash, you should expect awful search engine rankings. Considering we’re primarily an SEO company (that’s what gets the customers), we’d be morons to use Flash at all.

If you want a website that looks “Flash-y,” a great alternative is HTML5. HTML5 allows us to create websites that are just as interactive and good-looking as a Flash website. They can be viewed in mobile browsers, crawled by search engines, and load 100x faster and have zero bugs. In this new age of web design, Flash is on its last legs.

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