The Importance of Choosing the Proper Keywords to Target

A lot of San Francisco SEO companies choose the wrong keywords for your business to target. This is a huge issue, because even if you rank #1 for a specific keyword, if it’s not the right keyword for your company, you’re not going to get the increase in business you’re hoping for.

When asking business owners who use other SEO companies which keywords they’re ranking for, they often don’t even know. This shows a basic lacking in the way these companies are performing their SEO. One of the most important things is what you’re ranking for or attempting to rank for – if you don’t even know, you’re probably never going to rank for any meaningful keywords.

If we have a client who is a San Francisco dentist, we’ll begin our keyword research by looking into the various keywords that will help bring this dentist business.  These would be keywords like “dentist San Francisco,” “dentist in San Francisco,” “San Francisco tooth implants,” “San Francisco cosmetic dentist,” etc. Those keywords would lead to customers, because everyone searching them is looking for some sort of dentist in San Francisco. However, if you were to target keywords like “dental school San Francisco,” “free dentist San Francisco,” and “San Francisco animal dentist,” you wouldn’t be getting any potential customers to your website.

Really, that’s just the start of choosing the right keywords. Often, there will be keyword variations and longtail (extra long keywords, like “San Francisco natural family dental office”) which can help bring in loads of super-targeted traffic. In fact, many knowledgeable experts say that keyword research is the most important part of a successful search engine optimization campaign.

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