What Makes Social Media Marketing so Important for San Francisco Companies?

It’s 2013 – social media is bigger than ever, regardless of what your friends think. Erm, should I say Facebook friends?

If your brand isn’t on social media, you’re losing out bigtime. I mean bigtime.

You already know search engine optimization and having a nice looking website is important. After all, most people use search engines everyday. Just the same, most people use social media everyday. You can get nearly as much traffic from social media as you can can from the search engines. It may not be the same level of traffic and you may not get the conversion rates you’re looking for, but nevertheless, you’d be a fool to forget about social media if you want to successfully market your business online.

We offer full social media marketing and management plans for San Francisco businesses. This includes the creation, maintenance, and growth of your business on social media. We can engage with both your existing customers as well as gain even more customers. There really isn’t any downside at all and it will actually help your main website rank better because Google’s algorithm sees your social media popularity as an important factor in where it decides to rank your website in the search results.

One other plus with social media is the ability to advertise deals and discounts to your loyal customers. For example, we could make a post for you on your businesses’ Facebook wall advertising a sale or special. While there are lots of opportunities for advertising stuff like this online, what could be better than sending these offers to your loyal followers? Rather than having to convince new customers that your business is the right choice for their needs, you can keep your biggest fans coming in day after day.


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