Long-term vs. Short-term SEO for San Francisco Businesses

The biggest issue I see with most SEO companies is that the SEO plans they construct aren’t made for the long-term. Instead, they’re made to just last until the next Google update, where they’ll end up getting struck down and have to be rebuilt all over again. In my experience, this is a foolish way of doing search engine optimization.

The better way to do SEO is doing it in a way which will keep your website at the top of Google for not only a few weeks, but a few years (or even longer!). This is not only a better long-term strategy, but it’s also a more ethical way of doing SEO, because you aren’t spamming up the Internet with lousy content (a practice very common in short-term SEO strategies).

By using long-term SEO strategies for your business, you’re allowing yourself to build your brand. Furthermore, you’re showing your business in a good light – a business with integrity that’s in it for the long run. And if you’re like most businesses, that’s exactly what your potential customers are looking to see.


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