What if Your San Francisco Company Doesn’t Use SEO?

If you don’t use SEO, you’ll be like all the other businesses on page two.

You don’t need to grow your business. You don’t need to succeed. However, I’m pretty sure you want to.

Just by visiting this website, you have an edge over the competition. You have an opportunity to demolish your local competitors – that’s what we do. We build up your online presence to such an extent that your competitors can barely compete. We don’t just get one website of yours on the front page of Google. We can get many, so no matter which result people click they’ll end up on your website. That’s the power of the website marketing techniques we use.

Remember – stopping advertising to save money is like turning off a clock to save time. Whether you’re interested in turning your $100,000/year business into a $300,000/year business or your $750,000/year business into a $2,000,000/year business or have just started and are looking to make your first few bucks, you’re not going to get there by sitting around. If you want to grow into the company you’ve dreamed of, it’s time to start building. If you can do the work offline and with your customers, we can make sure you succeed with our online solutions.

The Importance of Choosing the Proper Keywords to Target

A lot of San Francisco SEO companies choose the wrong keywords for your business to target. This is a huge issue, because even if you rank #1 for a specific keyword, if it’s not the right keyword for your company, you’re not going to get the increase in business you’re hoping for.

When asking business owners who use other SEO companies which keywords they’re ranking for, they often don’t even know. This shows a basic lacking in the way these companies are performing their SEO. One of the most important things is what you’re ranking for or attempting to rank for – if you don’t even know, you’re probably never going to rank for any meaningful keywords.

If we have a client who is a San Francisco dentist, we’ll begin our keyword research by looking into the various keywords that will help bring this dentist business.  These would be keywords like “dentist San Francisco,” “dentist in San Francisco,” “San Francisco tooth implants,” “San Francisco cosmetic dentist,” etc. Those keywords would lead to customers, because everyone searching them is looking for some sort of dentist in San Francisco. However, if you were to target keywords like “dental school San Francisco,” “free dentist San Francisco,” and “San Francisco animal dentist,” you wouldn’t be getting any potential customers to your website.

Really, that’s just the start of choosing the right keywords. Often, there will be keyword variations and longtail (extra long keywords, like “San Francisco natural family dental office”) which can help bring in loads of super-targeted traffic. In fact, many knowledgeable experts say that keyword research is the most important part of a successful search engine optimization campaign.

Are You Missing Out on Potential Business if You Don’t Use Paid Advertising?

PPC (pay-per-click) and other forms of paid advertising are all the rage these days. The question is, can you get by without it? Is a solid SEO plan and a high conversion website enough, or do you have to go out and pay for traffic?

Well, no business needs to pay for traffic. However, in many cases, it’s a pretty good idea. SEO isn’t instant – a proper SEO plan will take a couple months to boost your website to the top on all but the easiest keywords. While you’re waiting for this organic traffic, you’ll be left pretty dry if you decide to forgo all paid advertising.

Look on the TV – everyone and their uncle uses advertising. The truth is, if you want your business to succeed, it’s crucial to spend money to gain more customers. Even once you attain solid rankings in the SERPs (search engine ranking pages), having a paid banner at the top of the search results can and will lead to way more targeted traffic.

To answer your question to the point, yes, you are missing out on potential business if you don’t utilize advertising. It’s not 100% necessary, but if you have any sort of budget, it’s definitely a good idea.

We offer some great options for paid advertising, with our PPC management service. We urge you to inquire about this, along with your SEO plan.

What Makes Social Media Marketing so Important for San Francisco Companies?

It’s 2013 – social media is bigger than ever, regardless of what your friends think. Erm, should I say Facebook friends?

If your brand isn’t on social media, you’re losing out bigtime. I mean bigtime.

You already know search engine optimization and having a nice looking website is important. After all, most people use search engines everyday. Just the same, most people use social media everyday. You can get nearly as much traffic from social media as you can can from the search engines. It may not be the same level of traffic and you may not get the conversion rates you’re looking for, but nevertheless, you’d be a fool to forget about social media if you want to successfully market your business online.

We offer full social media marketing and management plans for San Francisco businesses. This includes the creation, maintenance, and growth of your business on social media. We can engage with both your existing customers as well as gain even more customers. There really isn’t any downside at all and it will actually help your main website rank better because Google’s algorithm sees your social media popularity as an important factor in where it decides to rank your website in the search results.

One other plus with social media is the ability to advertise deals and discounts to your loyal customers. For example, we could make a post for you on your businesses’ Facebook wall advertising a sale or special. While there are lots of opportunities for advertising stuff like this online, what could be better than sending these offers to your loyal followers? Rather than having to convince new customers that your business is the right choice for their needs, you can keep your biggest fans coming in day after day.


Why Should You Hire a Bay Area SEO Company Instead of Doing Everything Yourself?

Sometimes we get clients who only want web design and no SEO. We abide by their wishes, but at the same time we know they’re making a huge mistake. You may think you’re saving money by doing search engine optimization yourself, but after a closer look, you may be surprised to learn you’re actually costing your business more money.

When performing an SEO campaign, there are several main points to focus on:

  • Selecting the right keywords to target (one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign)
  • Ranking for those keywords
  • Ranking for the long term, instead of just holding a top spot for a few weeks
  • Avoiding Google penalties (if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up having your website knocked from the SERPs (search engine ranking pages)
  • Managing your time correctly

Whenever I see a small business owner take a go at SEO themselves, I usually see one of the following results:

  • After months of hard work, dedication, and hundreds of hours learning the ropes, they begin to rank for their desired search terms
  • They don’t do things in a natural, Google-approved way, and get penalized
  • They don’t really do much and end up just sort of sitting there on page two

In the best case scenario, you become an SEO expert and rank your website. But is it really worth it? Unless you want to start doing SEO for a living, you’d be much better off spending that time furthering your business in ways only you can do. Rather than spend a long time trying to figure things out (and most likely failing multiple times), just hand things over to people who already know what they’re doing.

Long-term vs. Short-term SEO for San Francisco Businesses

The biggest issue I see with most SEO companies is that the SEO plans they construct aren’t made for the long-term. Instead, they’re made to just last until the next Google update, where they’ll end up getting struck down and have to be rebuilt all over again. In my experience, this is a foolish way of doing search engine optimization.

The better way to do SEO is doing it in a way which will keep your website at the top of Google for not only a few weeks, but a few years (or even longer!). This is not only a better long-term strategy, but it’s also a more ethical way of doing SEO, because you aren’t spamming up the Internet with lousy content (a practice very common in short-term SEO strategies).

By using long-term SEO strategies for your business, you’re allowing yourself to build your brand. Furthermore, you’re showing your business in a good light – a business with integrity that’s in it for the long run. And if you’re like most businesses, that’s exactly what your potential customers are looking to see.


Why We Don’t Use Flash In Our Websites

I’m sure you’ve seen quite a lot of Flash websites over the years. Some may look pretty spectacular, but beneath the appeasing cover, a whole lot of problems emerge.

First off, Flash cannot be viewed on many mobile phones, essentially making these websites worthless to a very large group of Internet users. Furthermore, even in this day and age with fast Internet and fast computers, a lot of people are going to have trouble viewing a Flash website. Maybe they don’t have an updated version of Flash Player on their computer or maybe their computer just isn’t powerful enough. Which brings us to one of the biggest issues – Flash causes browser crashes, freezes, and just about every other problem you have began to forget about as technology as advanced.

Because that’s right – Flash is old technology. We focus on making our website design services as modern as possible, which means doing away with Flash. Flash is holding down the Internet – in fact, you’ll find strong believers in doing away with it completely, such as the Occupy Flash movement.

But the real kicker? None of the search engines can read Flash. If you had a 1,000 word webpage that was made entirely of Flash, Google wouldn’t be able to read any of the text. As a result, if your website is made primarily using Flash, you should expect awful search engine rankings. Considering we’re primarily an SEO company (that’s what gets the customers), we’d be morons to use Flash at all.

If you want a website that looks “Flash-y,” a great alternative is HTML5. HTML5 allows us to create websites that are just as interactive and good-looking as a Flash website. They can be viewed in mobile browsers, crawled by search engines, and load 100x faster and have zero bugs. In this new age of web design, Flash is on its last legs.